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Sunday, November 9, 2008


I started this blog today, I have some of the social networking sites, i.e. Facebook, MySpace, and have written notes on FB and blogs on MySpace but haven't really kept up with either one. I'm 28, male, and a student again. I graduated with a BA in Government and worked a few years. I'm now doing an informal post-baccalaureate completing the prerequisite classes for medical school before taking the MCAT & applying to medical school. My lab science my first trip through undergrad was geology, aka "rocks for jocks," no offense intended for geologists out there - I know it is a serious field that makes interesting contributions to society, but it gets written off as "easier" than biology or chemistry.

I'm currently taking anatomy & physiology, which was not required but I was interested in taking it, cell biology, and general chemistry I. I've signed up for my next semester's classes of animal biology, gen chem II, and biology of microorganisms. I will most likely take summer classes too, but it's looking like this will take 2-3 years to get done, but I'm in no rush, and it's important I do well to be a competitive applicant. The classes are going well, and I have THREE exams on Monday, so an exam in each of my classes (the cell bio and a & p exams are multiple choice, scantron, the chemistry is not). I should probably be studying, so I'll cut this short.

Some other information about me: I am a brother to two sisters, uncle to one (soon to be two) nephew, marathoner--I ran the Marine Corps Marathon last year and this year--Eagle Scout, and I like long walks on the beach, Diet Coke/Diet Pepsi (whichever is cheaper), HBO, and learnin' stuff!

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