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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Contractor Shmontractor

In the D.C. area we were fortunate enough to have a really bad snowstorm, which was around 30", and then a week later we got an unrelenting rain that lasted for three days. I live in a house that was built in 1976-1977. I guess it isn't unusual that your home is older than you are.

The house sustained some damage though, so in addition to my post-bac classes I've been dealing with contractors to fix the various issues associating with some of the damage that's been caused. It starts with the roof, where the brick fireplace is, and the brick fireplace is adjacent to my bedroom. Unfortunately, over time the brick has worn down and it's starting to flake around the chimney, and water has slowly seeped in towards where the brick chimney abuts the drywall of my bedroom. Initially I had thought it was just the flashing that needed to be shored up or replaced, but I was wrong.

There's a water spot, and possibly mold I guess if I had let it go much longer, and additionally the ceiling of my room has developed a few cracks in it. The general contractor came out, measured the floor to ceiling at the outer edge of the room, and the floor to ceiling at the center of the room, and the difference was over 3", meaning that there's some impressive sagging going on here, much like a retirement village for naturists. So that's another thing that needs to be fixed.

Homeowner's insurance will pick up the tab for my room, the adjuster came out, looked at it, and wrote a check for what they would pay. The contractor is going to put up new drywall and two coats of paint where there is the water damage, and right now my ceiling is braced by some 2" x 4"s that the contractor came out and placed since he was worried about the ceiling collapsing.

So let's see:
  • new drywall in my bedroom
  • painting in my bedroom
  • repairing the sagging ceiling in my bedroom
  • repainting my sagging ceiling once it's fixed
  • oh yeah, complete rebuild of the upper portion of the brick chimney

Sounds like fun. Thank God for homeowner's insurance. I think the brick chimney rebuild will be out of pocket but at least that seems like the only major thing.

Maybe I'll add some pictures later.

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